Christina Owen - Founder

Christina has over 15 years experience in facilitating project-based learning that connects students to their interests, talents, and passions.

Yvette Yamagata - Secretary

Yvette Yamagata serves as secretary on the Foundation's board. 

Tara Larson- Treasurer

Tara Larson is originally from Auburn, California and serves as the treasurer for the Get Involved Foundation. After studying business management in college then getting married, she has lived in Connecticut, Denver, Utah, Ohio, Arizona and Washington DC, before returning back to California in 2013. She has 1 son and 3 daughters, and currently works as a school secretary and freelance bookkeeper. 

Massimiliano Genta - Board

Massimiliano Genta is a serial Silicon Valley entrepreneur and angel investor. He is the founder of startups such as Swayup, a social app which allows users to monetize their content, Snstk, founded to commercialize low cost, easy-to-integrate sensor platforms for applications, and Clyste, an open-source platform that allows content creators to monetize their contributions. He is currently an EIR for NEC X, where he leads Intellireviewer, a machine learning tool for reviewing Python code for hidden errors. 

Tonga Victoria Fakalata - Project Manager

Tonga Victoria joins the Get Involved family with a strong background in leadership development and a focus towards making a difference. Raised within the small town boundary lines of East Palo Alto to Tongan-immigrant parents, Tonga Victoria has served over three hundred students of similar upbringings and aspirations. She believes that education is a human right, and to serve the village that raised you is of the most noble sign of respect, love and humility.

Sally Flinchbaugh - Board

Katherine Cheng - Board/Webmaster

Katie is a junior at Palo Alto High School. She worked with Get Involved for her freshman and sophomore year, developing and teaching a class on financial literacy at Ravenswood Middle School. She joined the Get Involved board to have more opportunities to better her community and play a larger part in service work. She hopes to work in business and sports management.

Jules Thomas - Board

Jules Thomas is a homeschooled high school junior. He is the co-Founder & CEO of Onyxx Village Connection, a mobile outreach non-profit organization that connects people in East Palo Alto and surrounding communities with free hot meals and a host of resources. He joined the board to share his story and help others who are in need of opportunities in their communities. After high school he plans on attending a HBCU to study Computer Science & African American studies. His future plans are to continue working at his nonprofit so he can continue serving the community he loves. 

Victoria Revolorio - Board

Victoria Marin Revolorio is a sophomore at Menlo-Atherton High School. Through Get Involved she developed and taught a class called “Drama Free” at Ravenswood Middle School to bring awareness to the consequences that result in taking part in physical fights, after seeing an issue in her community regarding physical safety at school. She joined the board because as a first generation Mexican-Ameican growing up in East Palo Alto, she could see the clear impact Get Involved was making and wanted to be a part of a positive change. After high school she wants to attend medical school, but will always have a strong passion for giving back to her community.

Savannah Prasad - Board

Savannah Prasad is a sophomore at Menlo-Atherton High School. She created a class called “Drama Free” with Victoria Marin Revolorio to teach students about the consequences of using physical violence to solve problems. From this experience, she gained knowledge on teaching and public speaking. She joined the Get Involved Board to get more involved with GIF and have more opportunities to better her community. She plans to attend undergraduate school on the East Coast and attend law school. She hopes to become a criminal justice lawyer or have a career in neuroscience.

Khushi Agarwal - Board/Database

Khushi is a sophomore at Palo Alto High School. Currently she works on the database project in Get Involved to make sure that everyone has access to opportunities that interest them. Before this, she did a couple projects around teaching dance. She joined the board because she wanted to spread the view of volunteering as a way to do more of what you love instead of as a necessity. In the future so far she wants to be doctor.

Arohi Bhattacharya - Board

Arohi is a sophomore at Palo Alto High School. Her work with Get Involved included working with the local nonprofit My New Red Shoes to provide underserved communities with resources such as clothes and shoes for their incoming school years. She joined the board to help create a positive community with Get Involved's projects. After high school she hopes to work in law on the East Coast with a side job of writing books and helping the community.

Graduated Board Members

Tilak Misner

Allison Cheng

Megan Chai

Bridget Li

Maddy Mcnee

Anushka Ta

Evan Baldonado

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