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2018-19 Internships

What are your interests? Choose from: Animals, The Arts, Science, Environment, Technology,  Elderly, Civic Engagement, Healthcare, Food & Shelter, and Education & Literacy.  


Meet with your Get Involved project manager when it works for your schedule. Earn service hours while developing a professional portfolio, plus valuable recommendations for scholarships, jobs, and college apps.    


Our program was developed with local high school students to build a more in-depth learning experience. We have nearly 800 organizations on our database. You can join an existing project, or we'll customize one just for you!  


**Fee Waivers for students who have free or reduced lunch! 

Simply note this on your application.

2018-19 School Year Tuition $2460  (roughly 24 weeks and 100 hours)

One Semester Tuition $1780 (roughly 12 weeks and 40-50 hours)


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Get Involved Internship Timeline and Units


Identify student interests, aptitudes, and goals. Explore potential project or social problem to solve. Choose an existing project from our list, or create new.


Design Thinking (Human-Centered Design) Process. Research the need and/or organization. Find out what needs to be done to solve the problem.  Learn to do informational Interviews and gather data about the recipients of your project. Find out what they need, would like to have done.


Define problem and project. Learn professional communication tactics, then write a simple proposal describing what you will do to work on the problem. Identify existing or potential mentors to advise the work. Example: If you are serving a school for low-income kids, the principal or a teacher will be your mentor.


Write a timeline for your project. Commit to it and share with project manager, mentor. Learn about the work & life skill Outward Mindset (Arbinger Institute), how to focus on “the other” as you develop your project. Practice skills with other interns & project manager.


Project Development & Implementation. Follow your timeline & proposal with journaling & documentation along the way. Craft slides for portfolio & presentation with images, video, etc. Collaborate with mentor & other interns. Create blog & media post about your cause/organization.  


Give a professional presentation and share your portfolio (what you have done) with other interns and their families at our Showcase. Celebrate your success!


Project wrap-up & self-evaluation. What is left to do, what would you do differently? Learn to write professional thank-you notes to all who have guided you, share the results of your project with them. Get their feedback.


After Your Internship: Ongoing support with college & career recommendations!

​Meets in Palo Alto, East Palo Alto, or a location you choose--electronically as needed. 

Flexible scheduling & additional locations to meet your needs. Have fun!

Fee waivers available for students with free/reduced lunch!

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